The Little Live Music Company deals in music - live music - whether that’s putting on jazz concerts or providing live jazz music for events - we put every ounce of our enthusiasm and skill into creating a brilliant experience for our customers. Our jazz concerts are arranged to create a club-like, welcoming atmosphere with a crisp, professional edge. Great quality sound, beautifully lit stages and of course, some of the finest musicians you’ll hear and see from the UK and beyond.

We also aim to keep the music by varying styles at each club, each month. So, you may hear straight ahead jazz one month, jazz harp the next and a smorgasbord of other styles throughout the rest of the year. One thing you can rely on is that we have selected musicians and their instruments to provide not only exciting jazz with its intriguing harmonies and exciting improvisation but also performances that will entertain you. When it comes to offering jazz ensembles for your event, we can pick from a ’stable’ of the very finest, professional players who have great repertoires and know how to keep your guests tapping their feet or dancing the night away.

To Book

Head to our DIARY page and click BOOK for the show, or shows that take your fancy you’ll be directed to a specific page for that show at TicketSource. We can also send you a payment link (we use SumUp) so that you can use your smart phone or computer. Just send is a text, an email or give us a call in office hours and we’ll arrange this for you. Our shows are often sold out so we encourage you to book ahead! You can also find out lots more about our concerts and the musicians we feature by clicking on the CLUBS page.

Live Events

Each of our jazz clubs hosts a 'live' jazz music performance or 'event' every month. These feature some of the finest jazz musicians in the UK and beyond (we often have visits from brilliant USA and European players who perform with their own bands or our specially selected rhythm sections) .

Let's Create Something Together

If you would like to talk to us about booking great musicians for your private or corporate event please call +44 (0)7710 545 555 or email info@thelittlelivemusiccompany.co.uk

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